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THE LEFT lyrics : "Gas Leaks"

One day
You'll see

Hey yo! I've a resolution
My eyes keep a tight watch

Sort of like a white shark
On a .. bite you
Climb the hard rocks

For the hot spot
Why not?
The ..drop ..stop

Til they white starts
[email protected]^% ? straight lines
In the side walk

Put your gas mask
Watch a .. burn, candle wax
We act fast

Keep your hands back
$#[email protected] all that black ..
Back to the streets

It's your most valuable time piece
It's over when your second hand
.. to reach a crime piece

Yes men 75% of jobs
[email protected]^%s survived 25
Get the Grammy

Try me
...preserve beef
Like the tombs in Greece

We bring feats
In the belly of the beast
You'll see

One day
You'll see

Just imagine the .. of flames
That's a crime you'll never reach

..shut the gates.. burn it all over
Cause you're ?
It ain't right doing the ?

This is a punishment beyond time
So I suggest all of you wise up
Wanna steal time

Every man got a purpose in this Odyssey
Because the message was all the talk the prophet was saying
Ain't no need for desert ..

Because your God is white before your eyes
If you wanna change
We're all ? the politics

..losing our consciousness
We are in the final count down
Until that day approaches

Just so you know
There is only one God ?

One day
You'll see

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa