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THE LEFT OUT KID lyrics : "Playing Games"

Ever summer keep on smiling,

Clearly it's a pleasant thing.

From this moment you've been expelled,

Cleanse your thoughts away from him.

Violent friends and lovers,

You know they just adore each other.

Every hour is far from wasted,

Special moments closely defined.

You wake up early still dawn and misty,

Through the dew she grabs your hand.

Running down the road together,

Collapsing at the side of the river.

You lay there talking throughout the morning,

You share your secret, hidden thoughts.

Realise now he's strong, she's gentle,

And on top of this he keeps her warm.

Perfect friends are likely,

To spend more time smiling than fighting.

As the sun starts to melt the clouds,

They grab their bikes and head for town.

Before the masses go to work,

They both arrive in Twickenham.

Swimming pool still empty,

His childhood was spent right here.

And I only wanted to be special to somebody like you.

You only wanted to be cuddled that's not a problem.

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Thanks to alexandrap