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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "Who's That?"

[Verse 1]
If you gonna do it till it hurts, then say oww

You about putting in work, then say oww
Y'all gonna catch it when the words are sprayed out
Rap style perfected, verses laid out

A verse like the deadliest curse I place out
To any rapper that happen to think I fade out
Or any rapper that happen to think I play out

The house that rap built, I'm coming to raid out
The only thing left after the check is made out
Stand around and count how many suckers is laid out

Who's That?

Emp with the rugged flow
Y'all let the public know
Y'all shouldn't touch it though

Rock That!
Rock with the rugged sound
Aim for a different crowd

Who came to get it down?
Last Emp!
More than a champion

Fight till the battles won
Read all about it son
Rock That!

I came to give you more
Wild out with your boys
Girls wanna hit the floor

Winter, spring, summer, fall
Everybody hit the floor
Every last one of y'all

Tell them who they waiting for
Last Emp!

[Verse 2]
Some call me mandible
Over power, devour emcees like a cannibal

You know my steez, please read the manual
If the ladies shake it then that's understandable
See, I write raps for all occasions

And I excite fans of all persuasions
With lyrics that are sharp like claws and razors
I leave the mic with cuts and small abrasions

You ain't got the patience to do what I'm doing
The raw type of sound the rough type of unit
I rock the crowd, keep the club booming

So underground, I feel like I'm sub-human
Mainstream love me, I'll love it right back
Streets wanna hug me, I'll hug it right back

It ain't no telling how the public might act
I can thug it like that cuz I'm rugged like that
I'm so rugged I'm running through rap teams

I'm so rugged in Tims and black jeans
I'm so rugged I carry a canteen
In this urban jungle like a malaria vaccine


[Verse 3]
Vocabulary dropper
My rap book, magic like Harry Potter

Rough writer much like a magician
I'm kicking magic spells that put the females in position
And when they ask what my rapping is under

Tell them to use words like magic and wonder
Tell them to use words like passion and hunger
Tell them I got an album that will crack through the summer

And when it hits the pitch at a certain rate
You got to admit, I don't spit, I regurgitate
Over beats that will increase the verbal murder rate

Beats that will make you dislocate your vertebrae
The ground shakes when I hear that drum
Here I come, tell them where I'm from

I'm from West Philadelphia, Transylvania
Body slamming rappers like Wrestlemania
Rocking your stadium, I'm out on tour
Turn it out, when the Emp is in the house, I'm raw
Down at the record store, who the checking for

Y'all better hit the floor, all hail the Emperor


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