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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "Tiger Trail"

We get it on, in the place; let them have it they can't wait
They get ghost, we give chase, can't run now there's no escape

Last Emp, why you tearing it down?
Why you make them put they ear to the ground?
Why they hearing it now?

Tell them now while you wearing the crown
If you afraid, leave your fear in the house, cuz we letting them out

[Verse 1]
I prowl like a tiger, growl like a tiger
Let a ^!$$% come around, pounce like a tiger

Deadly rhymes I announce and pounce when I write them
Wild out in my own house when I write them
I mean, he's way cool, he breaks rules

Gets cash in bundles, but he's paid dues
Wild type of dudes, wild type of crews
Run wild in jungles, caged up in zoos

Most ^!$$%z feel it, some ^!$$%z fear it
Eye of the tiger, come, come, catch the spirit
Any man come near it, track down and kill it

He attacked the village, ransacked and pillage
Scarp for your life, strap on your knife
Bring a gat if you like, just earn your stripes

When attacking the mic, sike, you can't get close
I kidnap (*##$ $$# rappers and slash they throats
Cold rip through your tissue, crack open bones

Go grab your rifles and pack your toast
Don't blast and run, let's have some fun
Your man pass his gun, your $$# is done

[Chorus: w/variation]

[Verse 2]
I used to be a quiet type cat, silent type cat
^!$$% $#[email protected] with me, wouldn't even fight back

Now I'm straight out the jungle cuz I got it like that
Now this dude's on the loose, tiger strike back
I be the wild, no caring, stingy note sharing

$#[email protected] us up, knuckle up, known for throat tearing
Now I'm quite thuggish, now I'm quite rugged
Ghost In The Darkness, too hard for Mike Douglas

Ghost that might haunt ya, Tim's that might stomp ya
Scar any face, many places he conquered
Animal slash author, man but yet monster

Bangladesh, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Sumatra
How the hell can you catch a ^!$$% that's just too fresh?
Tiger that's this ruthless, try to track the movement

Y'all ^!$$%z is clueless, y'all weapons is useless
In this urban jungle we rumble across the U.S
Do this!


[Verse 3]
My tiger squad came to tear it down, y'all better beware it now
Coming through, hear the sound, pack it up, clear it out

Run and take the nearest route, we all up in your house
You see the tiger crouch, yeah you know what I'm about
Live a man, tiger man, every time I write a jam

I excite the tiger land, play me close I bite a fan
Rip it, tear it up and shred it, slash, slice, behead it
All y'all suckers in get debted, tell them how we came to set it

We get it on, in the place; let them have it they can't wait

They get ghost, we give chase, can't run now there's no escape
Flow like water, some may say, water from an ancient lake
We came off beats that jump, tell us if we tore it up

In the club, show us love, music by Ayetolla

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