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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "The Underground"

To all my brothers who be putting it down
In the underground
For all my soldiers for protecting our crown

In the underground
Where all the wickedest lyricist found
In the underground

Who got the beats and the rhythms that pound?
It's the underground
Come here me now, feel me now

[Verse 1]
This is hardcore music, God's war music

The heart of hip hop, the blood that flows through it
Made for the chosen people that have been deprived
Though they sentence us to death, we still keep it live

Who bring the heat to these streets where we dropping these rhymes?
With a power that's refined and them cowards can't find
Who reveals God's design, cause its finally time

To speak out for those who live below the poverty line

Underground is the defying thing
Well protected from the tyrant king

There is a message that we try and bring
Underground is where we cry and sing
Some, they kill for fun, but we not run

Cause we got guns, in the face of oppression
We fire back and ask without no question

[Verse 2]
Who got that underground sound that you rocking with? (Who?)

Who keep it real and still appeal to a lot of chicks? (Who?)
I'm from a block that stays hot like the Gaza Strip
On the corner between hip hop and politics

See all my underground followers rocking with me
Where all my underground rhyme slayers keep it witty
And all my underground beat makers keep it gritty

Cause we provide the soundtrack for the inner city
Where the high price of rent ain't fair
Little dudes rock the same suits that inmates wear

Bull%#@! politicians pretend they care
And if the party ain't jumping then the Emp ain't there
I run with crooks and read books but utilize both gifts

Born and raised in West Philly but I ain't Will Smith
And you can catch me on the O, I'm controlling the spliff
Around the way they call me Maul, the Dark Lord of the Sith

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