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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "The Great Pretender"

[Intro: sample]
It has been said that man can create anything he can imagine

[Last Emperor]
Every now and then, when I'm home alone
In my modern day hut made of iron and stone

I pull out my imaginary microphone
And weave tales of adventure that are on my own
This is you're opportunity to listen in

If ya coolin' by yourself or maybe with some friends
From the young bucks up to senior citizens
I make 'em get up and feel like kids again

But if you don't wanna stand then take a seat
As I take you to the land of make belief
Mr Gray has come to display his greatest feats

You wanna snap, well relax cause your in for a treat
What I write comes to life so people can get busy
And live on well after these same people forget me

Your attentions surrendered by The Great Pretender
Come on and say it with me
Y'all better stop playin' with me

[Last Emperor]
Check it, check out the number one style

From a small town where imaginations run wild
And if this is a race I should pick up the pace
So the line between reality and myth is erased

Like a Grand Prix driver or a traffic cop
Or a deep sea diver or an astronaut
More than a player, I'm like the ultimate team mate

For girls that care, I'm the ultimate dream date
Who goes by the name of The Great Pretender
I don't discriminate cause of race nor gender

A high siege pirate with the weary frame
And if I don't float ya boat I'll retire me name
Or play the roll of a politician and run for the senate

Fill a lifetime of rhymes into a couple of minutes
See, Prince Paul's taken on another apprentice
Who fights for hip hop better than a public defendant

Who got sick and tired of skits that the others were writing
I couldn't take it and replaced it with something exciting
With my own imagination I made it in show biz

It's The Great Pretender, y'all know what it is

[Last Emperor]

Outside the boundaries of time and space
Were the most bizarre things are now common place
Alongside the producer who provides the bass

Stands a lone pretender who's known to rock the place
And told great stories that you can take witcha
Remembered as an artist who painted great pictures

To be a great speaker as well as a great listener
So someday I hold the stories the angels might whisper
So tell the great Kings and peasants as well

From the mountains that they conquered to the valleys they dwell
Don't let life's greatest book be pulled from the shelves
The G.P. signin' off, take care of ya selves

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