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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "Let's Ride"

[The Last Emperor]
Everybody come with me, lets take a ride
Turn the system up loud, let it amplify

Look around at the town and let the sounds lead you
Everywhere I see the remice of a proud people
Where little girls find their way in the world through mama

And little guys see the world through the eyes of fathers
Everybody wanna learn I to earn a dollar
We know there's more to the hood than urban squallor

Now, I don't need to take up ya time
But I just wanted to know what's on ya mind
Whether work is hard to find, unemployment line

Or got a job or ya blind doin' overtime
Don't be ashamed, you got ya pride
To maintain, after the rain, the sun will shine

There will be better whether for everyone
Though we all move to the beat of a different drum
Passin' the time in a popular way

Like Otis Redding sitting at the dock of the bay
I got a long way on this road but hey
I take pride in the fact that I'm alive today

[Chorus: The Last Emperor]
Everybody on the east side, c'mon, let me know that you got ya pride

Everybody on the west side, c'mon, let me know that you got ya pride
Everybody on the north side, c'mon y'all, show me you got ya pride
And everybody on the south side, c'mon, let me know that you got ya pride

[The Last Emperor]
Summertime the heat is hot, will I ever reach the top

Yo it's time to leave the block, finish my tequila shot
Mellow but sober when I'm in the car
So I can ride to the rhythm of the guitar

I hear the music I'm prepared to follow
The body overcomes the city of El Dorado
Mexican City that's paved of gold

Made sacred by the ancients in days of old
Brown pride, they got it down to a science
That's right, Old Metz, Aztecs and Rions

Combined with colours of a tapestry
Yeah I hear my brown brothers hollarin back of me
From freedom fighters, to the band deleroes

To the old man wearin' the tan sanbrero
From the food in the music that's la fiesta
To the afternoon nap thats la siesta

"Never venture out the hood" is what some people say
But I love it to much to ever keep away
Beautiful brown people in the streets today

Who show me love when I'm drivin' through Easter Lane
And they say..


[The Last Emperor]

They got you to rock to a slower groove
I hope you like all the things that I'm showin' you
It's all good, every hood that I'm rollin' through

Ya might not notice me, but I notice you
Livin' your life through poverty, I see smiles for as long as the eye can see
I'm proud of y'all and I hope that your proud of me

God bless the child who runs wild and free
City to city and town to town
I can see alot of pride as I drive arouund

Hold ya heads up high when ya feelin' down
Remember y'all we gotta stand tall and proud


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