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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "Jungle Cats"

"But share your fortunes with me, and shall remain as silent as the night"

It was the year 1493 of the common era
Christopher Colombus having colonized several islands in the West Indies
and the new world at large, stumbles a small island with extremely hostile inhabitants

One of the ship's crew, barely alive, reports being captured
and nearly eaten by what he describes as only the "Cat People"

Verse 1

Greetings I am know as Jungle cats one

Do not fear my appearance remain calm, do not run
We come from a planet which orbited through the sun
Now on earth the era of the Jungle Cat has began

My name is Wise Man, the jungle cat elder
Leader of the council, the torn spirit welder
When Hip Hop was born i was the first one that held her

Left rappers bewitched in cat smiles like esmeralda
In your planets history man has hunted cats
And wanted raps, now get clawed out in scratch

They on a match, with feline rhymes we counteract
No man can escape when jungle cats get attached
I practice cat magic and make cat nip drinks

Despite what science thinks the jungle cats build the sphinx
Whack naps get cat naps, more than 20 winks
Some cats become extinct like the Great Canadian Lynx

Every culture on earth have these cats rendzesvous
Found in cities like Catalina and Katmandu
Over the Central East the secret cat tribe grew

Heaven help us all when the Jungle cats come through

Chorus X2

Every evening when the sun goes down
3 strangers meet on sacred ground

To release the animal that mankind wont allow
Take the jungle cat vow Meow! Meow!

I am the 2nd in command of the jungle cat war
Part man and part jaguar the emperoooorr
Special guest appearance on the jungle cat tour

Before you walk across the stage obey the jungle cat law
Sure you can ran son but ill tear up your up your eye
I design the weapon worth the jungle cat pride (KILLAH)

Some use words to flatter wisdoms
I bring forth cataclisms manifested through cat-like mannerisms
My sound rings, from the four legged ground kings

Without announcing, cats remain silent as the canines are howling
My slender frame is made for pouncing
I build a catapult that throw MC's from my surrounding

And shatter domes, abandon cats [email protected]$!ed homes
I use a cat gun to shoot anti-metaphorms
I leave my claw marks to indicate my battle zones

Any human who tests will surely rest in the cat holes
(Any cat and mouse tricks)
Can they skin a cat? I doubt it

If you try competing you'll get eaten like meow-lets
Puurrfect! Back to the control panel, same cat time, same cat channel

Who likes the way the jungle cats get down
Go Meow! Meow!
Meow meow!

Who loves emperor take the jungle cat vow
Go Meow! Meow!
Meow! Meow!

Earth, breaks, shakes trembles
All Jungle cats rise up and $$#emble

You dont have to @@#! you glocks back
To be radical like the spot cats

So stop that, ill turn your matchbox into a box match
My rhymes will make for all the times hurt his flat back
You'll look for me like star trek people search for spot cat

Like you dont know how to drop fast
Over hot tracks or shall we say lounging in my alley way like Top Cat
Take 2 jungle cats and add one more and you have come face to face with
The great crazy floor, open your soul and let the whack leave you
Subtract evil and await the return of the cat people

And fans of all ages, accounts that we speak to not telling this
Limitless boundaries we lead to, and keep you laced with feline fatter topics
Jungle cats out no doubt catastrophic

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa