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THE LAST EMPEROR lyrics : "Hold On"

[Verse 1:]
It's been a long time comin', but the time has arrived
for the Emperor to get live

Now that I'm back outside, all the suckers should hide
as I give rap fans somethin' they can bump in their rides
I wanna thank all'a y'all for still rockin' wit' 'Mal

Through the trials, tribulations, roadblocks and pitfalls
Breakin' down brick walls
The wait is over, I came here to show ya this is finally it, y'all

My chance at last to advance and pass the average cats
Ya done son, it's a rap - you're finished
I smash and grab, and stash the cash in plastic bags

with raps that have pizzazz - admit it


Would ya like it? UH!
Would ya knock it? UH!
If I put it out ya gonna cop it

Well it's here
A lot of emcee's is in trouble this year

[Verse 2:]
Well it's the incredible Last Emp'
and my story is fresh

with the spirit of rap I'm possessed
I signed my first deal with Dr. Dre and moved to the West
Many speculate but I'mma put the rumours to rest

It wasn't like he couldn't understand my vocals
He didn't understand that I was anti-social
I didn't come here to hang out

I came here to put in work
and put mother$#[email protected] under the dirt
So when I let it be known I was a battle rapper first

They didn't invite me to studio sessions and it hurt
But as bad as it felt, instead of sit on the shelf
and wait for somebody else, I reinvented myself

So whassup, Doc'? Now that the young boy grew
Would ya, finish the album we intended to do?
Show 'em there's no animosity between me and you

Throw The Last a couple'a tracks for album two


Now would ya like it? UH!
Would ya knock it? UH!
Now it's comin' out ya gonna cop it

Well it's here
A lotta emcee's is in trouble this year

[Verse 3:]
Well I'm back and it's real
and this time I feel

like a different person
I put in work like a civil servant
Instead'a makin' songs without purpose

A brother like The Last Emperor has worked wit'
people in the game, like The Rza from Wu-Tang
Even the Music Man - Masta Ace

KRS-One and the Cocoa B's
The Beatminerz and Diamond D
Among others, talented sisters and brothers

but all dedicated hip-hop lovers
I gotta thank y'all, for bringin' me back
and helpin' me map a new plan of attack

Cop the album and throw it on
You know The Emp' got it goin' on
and I just thank y'all for holdin' on

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