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Dishoom bebe

The engine burns as we hide in the front car

Unhairi vich ant hunair mucheeya (in the darkness lawlessness thrives)
We pass dead trees all tangled like fishbones

Kareem points ahead - o bottle nu phar kay (while holding a bottle)
Here comes conductors with our wanted posters
Kuree nu chad but chun chun chun chun (leave the girl)

Her eyes are worth three gun wounds alone

Dishoom baby!

We'll take them on this army of gundas (gangstas)
Dunali horr rifla chakday kominay! (double barrels and rifles pick 'em up kominas!)
$#[email protected] up every last one and search for the police chief

Bakray de ma kaddo tikr khair menavagee? (how long will the goat's mother stay alive?)

There's a place ladies where we can hide

O %#@! there's the guy!
I unzipped my fly
O chootar jhapeedh dai (he clenched his $$#hole in fear)

We unzipped his fly
O chootar jhapeedh dai!

Dishoom baby!

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