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THE KLEZMATICS lyrics : "Man in a hat"

A lidl zing ikh itst far aykh vos iz a mekhaye
Di melodi'z an alte nor di verter zenen naye
Dos gezungen hobn undzere zeydes un oykh babes

Un der tate flegt gezungen nokhn kiki-shabes

Sailor man, don't tell me of the seven seas of yore.

Java and Sumatra do not move me anymore.
Say farewell to Finland, further inland than Algore
Adios, Antilles, and so long to Singapore.

Having fun in London is like flying on the floor.
Isle of Man I'll manage to avoid like Manticore.

Budapest, I get no rest, and Boston is a bore.
A man unique to my mistique in New York I adore.

I met a man in a hat with a tan
Met a man in a hat with a tan

Man, Hat, Tan,
I met a Manhattan man
(He met a man in a hat with a tan

Met a man in a hat with a tan
Man, Hat, Tan,
He met a Manhattan man)

Chile is so silly that to be there is a chore.
Cameroon and Malta cannot melt me to the core.

Show me mirth in Perth and I will show you how to snore.
Dublin is too troublin', y Peru es lo peor.

Sayonara Tokyo, by you I set no store.
Place your bets that Berlin gets a zero after four.
Destination, anywhere, I told you once before.

No, no no, I do not deign to go there anymore.


Estroil, I get no thiril, though all your oceans roar.
Mad Seville, your barber left me shorn upon the shore.

Barcelona, larceny upon your matador!
And arson is my wish upon Decatur's wan decore.

Ciao to China, bye to Bali, places I delplore!
Au revoir to Cote d'Azure, on you I shut the door!
Later, Laos, Katmandu, and ta-ta Ecuador!

A man so Greek in his physique in New York I adore!

[chorus x2]

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