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THE KIRALYS lyrics : "Untried"

Did you think I lost my mind the night you left me?
Did you think I'd die from the venom of your bite?

Well my heart is still untried
my heart is still untried,my heart is still untried.

Tossin and turnin you had me losin sleep
playin games with my mind like i was lost and weak
i never thought that it could hurt this bad

but this pain made me strong so i thank you for that
i hear the sound of my whole heart beat now
i got a will thats like concrete now

wait hold up, let me describe
i feel like i got metal on the inside.


I cant believe that I felt the way that I did

mixed up emotions they had me wantin you back again
can`t change that fast so i took my time to heal
came out on top because my heart is my shield

can`t come down from this high
A feeling i cant buy.


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Thanks to maria.01215