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THE KILLIGANS lyrics : "The Story Of Tom Mathine"

Step out the way for im coming through
By now dont you know who i am
Now buy me a drink and well get on o.k.

Ah the saints and your conscience be damned

Now big tom mathine was known around town

As a bully and a prick through and through
Hed take what he wants and when he wanted more
Youd pray he didnt want it from you

With fists hard as rock and a temper like fire
And a mean streak two mile wide

Yeah hed sit at the bar and drink til hes pissed
Every night youd hear the man cry

Then one night a man came rolling to town
Was a preacher but he still liked to drink
He stepped into the bar and he sat himself down

With a glass of whiskey to think

From back of the room there came a loud crash

Tom had knocked that old cop off his chair
He called out hey preacher! sunday schools down the street
So piss off youre not welcome in here

Well the preacher stood up
Said ive one thing to say

Jesus loves you as he loves all of us
But im just a man and a sinner to boot
So ill laugh as im kicking your $$#

Well the preacher swung twice
Tom fell to the ground

He was crying with blood on his face
And the preacher made the sign of the cross with his glass
Said youre forgiven now get out of my place!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa