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The Kentucky Waterfalls lyrics : "All The King's Horses"

You think I'm looking for the sun
You say I see it in your eyes
But I'm a language you don't speak

You underestimate me all the time

It's always raining in my room

The clouds came up from Tennessee
But still I let you into my bed
I like it when you're in, on, all around me

No, you don't have to stay the night
I think it's better that you go

You say you're looking for some answers
This is not the place you're going to find them

You keep your cards close to your chest
Think twice before you lay one down
You think I see just what you show me

But, baby, I got cards of my own

Like Humpty Dumpty you fell down

Broke into pieces of a man
That no one could put back again
Not even the King's horses, or his men

Not that this is all said and done
We both lost the games you played

So go and leave me in the spring
Go and leave me in the spring
I'm not the kind of girl who wants a ring... from you

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa