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THE JOKER lyrics : "We Do It For Fun"

My name is joker habitual smoker
I burn so many trees that I got splinters in my toaster.
I need a (*##$ to stay below my waist like a holster

and then I sit my cup upon her booty like a coaster.
I brag about my money so they calling my a boaster
I holla giddy up like I was on the ponderosa

you say that you don't feel me well come a little closer
I'll show you what a gangster look like at least supposed to.
my blunt is filled with very deadly weed I call it doom my eyes stay low

like a gay dude's in the men's bathrooom.
do you marvel at my flow or shiver at my genius
you'd think of STDs from all the hickeys on my ^[email protected]#$.

we let the beat live these other rappers are a bore
I killed so many tracks they recognized me at the morgue,
bought a 20 pack of trojan on my last trip to the store

I did a show that and had to go the next day to buy more.
you can text me if you want examination
if you choose but my glock will leave your shirt looking like Dorothy's shoes.

no little Dorothy see home is a place where I can't go
after a couple puffs I'm somewhere over the rainbow
I have these hoes afraid to take a look into their mirrors

skeet something on their faces that resembles aloe vera
replied to the officer that's parsley on my seat
we pass the blunts to one another like batons on a track meet

exactly I know just what you peeons are thinking
Mississippi ^!$$%s ain't %#@! I don't see haters like I'm blinking
you wish that you were psychic so you could rap just wat I'm thinking

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa