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THE JOKER lyrics : "Gotham Joker Joys - Parody of Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan"

Kill the bus driver,
What doesn't kill you,
Simply makes you stranger,

Father was a drinker,
Suit was not cheap,
Your balls drop off?

Take your mask off,
The fight's played-off,
Got these scars,

In deep with the sharks,
See my grin,
And see my pale white skin,

I was stuck in Gordon's precinct cage,
I've killed six of your friends,
But it's actually a trap,

Like a pig pen,
I burn your dollar bills,
Better class give it them,

Face full of white soot,
Hair full of green soot,

Gotham's under hard put,
My game is afoot,
The phone's rigged anyway,

Both the boats left from the bay,
Send the Batman away-hehe,
Got to save the D(istrict) A(ttorney)

Chaos(!) amid,
Look at what I did,
Hanging from a tight rope,

You've got No hope,
Look at me through your Bat-Scope,
You're gonna need a fire hose,

We are both pro(')s
Don't wear plain clothes,
A symbol can't be one man,

But it is the life you chose,

I'm sick, he's well,

Inside a padded cell
My face the death knell,
The mobsters refuse to sell (need Bail)

Still got these scars (get jailed)
I don't Need Bail
Get jailed, no bail, Destroy Army, I won't fail,

Chaos amid (Watch it!)
I wanna get hit (Here he comes!)
All part of my game,

Win I'm gonna (my game),
Gotham is my theatre,
I'll haunt it, a ghoul,

Now let me make the rules,
Don't follow leaders (? ? ?),
Anarchy and believers

Never born(e), only borne,
Deshi chants, my chance, Devil's dance,

Well dressed, never blessed,
Never damned by suckcess,
Drop her, fi(-)ght him, my gift,

I'll steal and lift,
Twenty eight years old,
I have still escaped the day shift,

Chaos amid (Dig yourself),
DA's secret's hid,
He'll rise up from the hell pit (help it),

The city lights candles,
Become vandals,
For the Harvey Dent scandals,

I wanna be a bum,
But I don't chew gum(, no),
Anarchy's fair

The coin you gotta handle

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