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The Horrors : Draw Japan lyrics

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The Horrors lyrics : "Draw Japan"

Butcher the paper with a ravenous pen, Carving out trees and scoring skin
Animals too placed in plastic cages, carted around these filthy pages
I will draw Japan

Spectres holding sceptres with fingers thin, empty vessels $$#erting,
We are still King, we are still King
Black stuff running like nosebleed danger

Swarming towards the scource of the noise
I will draw Japan, with fervent hands
Black cells depict a foreign land ,I draw Japan

Sleeping city emits no sound, in this compound
No beast awalks, in this compound
No beast awalks, in this compound

I will draw Japan with a ravenous pen, hungry for oil and iron and tin
To your left a concrete factory, smoke billows, fists punch, Victory!
And my hands start shaking, and Japan starts shaking

And I begin to draw out Japan, in the shape of a man
Seen rushing through a market town, through the compound
No beast awalks in this compound

No beast awalks in this compound

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