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The Horrors : Count In Fives lyrics

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The Horrors lyrics : "Count In Fives"

Yeah I count in fives.
I do it everytime.

And If another number confronts me
I will cut you in half.

Irrespective of the subject
I will make it apply,
No matter what the object

I will count in fives,
Tell me the location
I will stand outside...

Oh yeah,
If you give me too many

I will multiply.
Force too many into my hand and
I will not comprehend.

Oh yeah,
Another number confronts me

And I force it to divide.
The first time, someone holding my hand.
The second, me holding it out.

Tally tally.

Oh yeah,

If you try to deceive me

I feel it burn in my hand.
Now watch the numbers run to me as
I count them in fives

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