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THE GROUCH & ELIGH lyrics : "Run Feat Pigeon John"

[Verse 1: The Grouch]

Good work is never finished

In this life we never get a day off
There's a reason why they sent us
So I'm not gon' lay low

Pushin' 808's, woofin''til the days gone
$#&@ing DJ play my song
Been doing this way long

Already bruh, stay strong
Walk slow, fade 'em all
We ain't gonna chase your dreams

Not my thing, ace in hole
Be yourself, you say so?
Greed and wealth though

We done felt straight broke
Hella rich, they don't know
That's a trip there he go

Little fellas feel the flow
Little mamas in pajamas
What the time is? Seiko

Psycho like no other
Make your lover laugh
Ha, ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, hee

Not too hard what's up with that

[Hook: Pigeon John]

Every where I run I aim where I'd begun
From the moon 'til morning sun we're gonna keep rolling until it's done

When the sun rises, when the sun rises, when the sun rises
Were going to do it again, we're going to do it again

[Verse 2: Eligh]

My poetry flows from the bottom in the lake

We took em to the shoreline and caught em in the break
Music is my religion, its never been a mistake
Even if you don't make it, you can listen in the same

The ears of the earth are the ones that I chase
Innovative and never scared looking for your face
Dangling a carrot at the end of a string running

Not gunning for money even though money is needed
I'm gunning for cunning listeners to get the seed when I plant it
I'm trying to be demanded all the way around the planet

You can say I'm independent but I need my fans
G&E fans are the best and advanced, in the ear drum to fear nothing
Hear nothing wack

Open to the ways of the universe and back
To the simple conversations on the couch with dad
Withstanding bull%#@! thrown our way

Will only give us stronger legs
To ground to the earth like tree-trunks
Peg that map, traveling Matt

Unraveling mysteries in the back of a wagon intact like that
Space craft on the dock, blast off quick, its the way of the walk
Its the way of the world, and the way that we talk



[Pigeon John and The Grouch]

I'm always beginning right at the ending

[Pigeon John]

Well it's alright we going to run it tonight and let go

[Pigeon John and The Grouch]

I'm always beginning right at the ending

[Pigeon John]

Well it's okay we got a brand-new day to let go (x2)

[Hook] x2

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