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The Graham Situation : Until The Day That I Die lyrics

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The Graham Situation lyrics : "Until The Day That I Die"

I dreamt of her last night and the night before
She's a drug in my veins, can't stop asking for more
Yeah my mind is completely occupied with you

And just like that she was gone
Gone from my world, gone without a word
And all of a sudden I'm starting to feel whatever it was that I felt in those dreams,

That I dreamt and forgot just to dream em' again

Last night was the same, no chance for escape

Tomorrow's too late to kiss you goodnight
And wake up with you sleeping by my side
I'll love you until the day that I die

Here all the fools come marching in
A flock of bad blood all waiting for a chance to flee

And I can't help but feel that you've something more to say to me,
But it seems you don't
We are both so misplaced and both way too young

They keep spreading secrets, it slips off their tongues
Let em' fool all go marching by with smoke in their lungs,
With their filthy minds and their bad blood swung

Let them choke on their own storm

The nights chilling breeze,

The falling snow cease to cure this disease,
It just makes it worse
And in my dreams our love would still peak

I'll love you until the day that I die

I was up all night trying to fit the last piece in

But the further I got the more pieces I lost,
And it left me confused and broken

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