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The Graham Situation : The Kangaroo Song lyrics

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The Graham Situation lyrics : "The Kangaroo Song"

If we'd give it one more shot, could we this time aim for failure?Could we try and run away to never return?Could we set this place on fire and put it out with our desire and ourlust?Cause you have all the rights reserved on me,And there's no place I'd rather be right now,Than in the grip of your warming armsA place we all must pass through, don't let these thoughts defeat youYou're my sole right, like a tse-tse fly you keep me up at nightCould we tear this highway down and leave no trace or clue to find?Could we set this place on fire and leave this dirty city behind?If we'd leave right now, would anyone notice?And if we'd die right now, would anyone give a care?You must've been made to have wingsA constant reminder that there's beautiful things left in this world

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