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The Graham Situation : Save Yourself, Walk Away lyrics

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The Graham Situation lyrics : "Save Yourself, Walk Away"

You can break me down, like a wrecking ball
If I'm no good
You affect my skies like a dynamite

And I ain't never any good to you
And you can't believe all those things I dream
All those things I say when you're not here,

To distract the heat, the aching pain in my head

I'd like to see what it's like to forget your name

I want to know how it feels just to breathe again
Without you
Every day, ever night, every hour, all the time

You are there, in my mind
Save yourself, walk away

You deconstruct every piece that's left
And replace the cold with your shameless regret
Make no room for that post-fiction science dump

Bring all that potion to me,
Sad sing all your lovers stuck in between
I've got mood swings and tired eyes

I'd like to know what it's like not to know your face,
What it's like to be me again

And doll, I'd give you all you wanted if you just wouldn't ask me for more
See I'd give you all I have if you stopped begging me for more and more

(If you've something worth mentioning
I'm listening to every word
And if there still is air to breath

Don't you waste it all on me)

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