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The Gladiators : Let Jah Be Praised lyrics

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The Gladiators lyrics : "Let Jah Be Praised"

Let Jah be praised
Morning time, evening times
Every minute of the day

Every time yeah

Let Jah be praised and over and over

Don't stay there and big shot
You better watch that and come over
Right now

Let Jah be praised
What's that on your mind

See you carry that heavy, heavy load
Throw it away now, away now, away now

You better pull your screw

Let's keep Jah alive
Creation is great

So don't be too late
With sweet harmony yeah
Let Jah be praised

Oh listen to Jah music now

Remember I'm not a preacherman

Remember I'm not a teacherman
I'm only singing you my song, oh yeah
Don't want Jah glory goes to waste..........

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