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The Germs : Richie Dagger's Crime lyrics

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The Germs lyrics : "Richie Dagger's Crime"

i'm richie dagger
i can stomp and swagger
i can take on all your heroes

i'm richie dagger
i'm young and i'm haggard
the boy that nobody owns

he sits in his corner like a child despised
a crazy sort of cast comes over his eyes-

thats richie daggers crime

he's that sort of boy that was never much loved

his idea of fun was society's grudge-
thats richie daggers crime

his life was such a mess
and his friends werent quite the best
but he was satisfied-

thats richie daggers crime

suck me in and spit me out

devour me in haste-


he could set your mind ablaze
with sparkling eyes and visionary case

he stood like a remnant from an outbreak past
wore something in his ear
and boy was he a sass-


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