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THE FUTURIST : Knights lyrics

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THE FUTURIST lyrics : "Knights"

Everybody, gotta' make yourself somebody, Cause I, know you need love,

More than anything else,
In this world tonight...

Post chorus
TF! Everybody is a knight right? In this world tonight
Know your own rights and fight For a life, stay preserve Skyrocket a dream, y'all deserve You got that right

We all deserve

Verse 1

You know how it feels? In the mornin'....oowie! Refreshing mind while buildin' coolness on me, Where should I go?
What's my lead?
Lotta' ups and downs, life like a frequency, Pause!!! Backward button,

Press play to my past,
Used to down with good and bad, Yeaarright x2...all that!
Figure out the life,

From the day I lose my dad,
Oh god...why you going so hard like that? Happened for a reason,
But I can't take the fact,

Oh well... never mind that,
Then a fiction caught my attention,
Than what they taught in class,

Got the blueprint to build my own base,
Some thought I couldn't make it.. I'm such a waste, 8 years later... flagship status, switch to an ace,
All glory goes to god that I embrace,

Wake up,
Brace up,
Clock aint' sleepin',

And I'm that grateful cause I'm still breathing'


Verse 2
The benchmark, standard of a human being, Achieved or failed, equal faith and believe,

I got a city out of lane,
Thought this way is dull, its going insane, Graffiti of rain, auditory of lame,
Smile to extreme, exacerbate the pain, Aint' gonna' talk about spiritual of tame, All status, ranks are about the same, Never ever ever feel fear of defame, Discover new trends, latency of gem, Gravity of dance, visions of cleanse lens, The quality of new benz,

Beyond the universe, execute the rival rehearse, Bubbles burst never look back or reverse, Rephrase, recite, to prevent the curse,
Of being narrow minded, a hero abused,
Move forward towards the thirsts, Feel free or fight for your rights, Ready set go...Okay!


In this world tonight 4X
Everybody gotta feel this love tonight Oooo oOoo.......

Post Chorus
Everybody is a knight right,

In this world tonight,
Know your own rights and fight, For a life,
Skyrocket a dream, y'all deserve, You got that right,

In this world tonight,
We all deserve, lots of love...

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