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THE FUTCHERS lyrics : "Beer, Drugs and Cigarettes"

I have a little girl
she's sleeping in my room
i met her in a bar

we didn't knew where we were
Beer, Drugs and cigarettes
made our minds crack down

i have a little boy
his blood is cold and blue

i met him in a bar
now we don't now who we are

Beer, Drugs and cigarettes
that's what cracked up our minds

Lovers walking in a Saturday nite,
i looked at a pub with neon lights

when i saw that girl
in boots and mini-skirt

i sat next to her and we started to talk and drink
i looked to all those fools and their loud laughs,
it was boring me

then i called and invited her to get out of there,
we went to my apartment, and

Beer, Drugs and cigarettes
made our mind crack down

Beer and drugs

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