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The Friday Night Boys : Sorry I Stole Your Gurl lyrics

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The Friday Night Boys lyrics : "Sorry I Stole Your Gurl"

Here we are again
baby cant you see we can't go on
Like this whenever,

I guess friends don't mean friends forever
If you, want this,
you better know cuz you really got something

I know, you'll miss,
every boy begging you for one last kiss

I'm sorry if I stole your girl
I'm sorry if she likes me more than
She ever liked you,

She never liked you
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry if I stole your girl

We, we let go, let go when,
the car starts spinning again and again

If you, want this,
I guess you've got something I can't resist

On the bed,
on the floor,
in the other room he's wondering where you are

So lock the door,
and close your eyes,
I guess now it's time

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