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THE FRAMES lyrics : "Denounced"

are you feeling so abandoned
have your crutches all been stolen and broken
now sometimes you've got to fall

just to remember how far from the bottom you are
have I got your full attention
cause these words don't come so easy now

we know what's gonna happen
this is getting us nowhere
and we've been there

I did denounce this
and here I am with you
before we lose the rest

lets go with what we've left
are you holding it together
are you facing all the hardest and roughest parts

the sign we passed along the way
said you've come this far
now you're on your own

and I'm stopping here
I did denounce this
I did denounce this

and so did you
before we lose it all
let's try to call it off

I did denounce this

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa