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THE ELECTED lyrics : "Have You Been Cheated"

Have you been cheated?
Have you been used?
Were you taken for granted?

Did you like the abuse?
Did you get yourself worked up about money you make?
Just goes a show you get what you take.

Is your daddy a hustler?
Is your momma a !@^%?

Did they go and get busted?
Were you hoping for me?
And the hand that they dealt you,

Was it nothing at all?
But you placed your bet,
And you never play small.

Yeah, I fell in love and I fell out of love.
I had some money, I spent all my money

I will give it all back, just let you go.

Did you fall in love?

Was the timing all wrong?
Are you stuck in a prison?
Have the shadows grown long?

And you put on your best words into your worst song,
And you can't bare to sing it when they won't sing along.

I had what I had and I lost what I lost.
I'd buy it all back but I'd buy it for cost.
But everybody knows you never sell low.

And some steal for money and some just for fun.
? time on the run.
You can hold your pillow close cause those days are done.

You may not know what you are, but you know what you've done!
And now you're back out on the road having fun.

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