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The Dream : Eyes Of A Girl lyrics

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The Dream lyrics : "Eyes Of A Girl"

[Verse 1:]
From Venus to Mars
Girl you're standing right here

Sometimes it feels we're worlds apart
What am I to do
I'll always take the blame

I'm the first to change
I thought that's what good girls do

If every boy was a girl for a day
Then you would understand

What it's like to be me


If only you could think through the eyes of a girl [x2]
To tell you the truth
You couldn't handle the truth

If I think of things
That you would do
I don't really think

You would like the view
Through the eyes of a girl

[Verse 2:]
It's your point of view
You only see what's there

To what a woman really needs
Open up before it's too late
If I'm the love of your life

With that able to beside
All I ask for is equality



[Verse 3:]
Could you walk a mile in my shoes?

Are you strong enough to endure?
If you struggle closing doors
Pain goes unnoticed

The flock doesn't notice you
Hey boy you need a change of view


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