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THE DOORS : She Smells So Nice lyrics

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THE DOORS lyrics : "She Smells So Nice"

Man, the first woman know she smells so nice
and she looks so good I gotta zip up once or twice
Well I've been down

Up and up
Up and down
In 99, but I love my woman

Like the sun goes up

She's the sweetest little woman

When she wakes up
Come on, now right

Now you walk around
And you thinking that you're so though
I see you walking around

You think that you're so though
Well you got some thing momma,
But it's not enough

I'm going home
I'm going home and lay down

I'm going home, baby
I'm going home and lay down

Gonna switch on the television
I'm gonna drown, yeah

Well it's a long time coming
Long time coming, long time coming
Long time coming, long time coming

But when you find her baby
You know you found something good

When you find somebody now,
Don't leave it no good

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