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The Dixie Drifter lyrics : "Soul Heaven"

There's a new place
In Heaven, I'm told
Where stands three chairs

Made of pure gold

One chair's for the queen

Dinah Washington, her name
And singing soul was her fame
She's up there in the new place

Called (soul heaven) soul heaven

The second chair is for the king

Nat King Cole, his name
A voice soft as velvet
Long may he reign in

(Soul heaven) soul heaven

Now the third chair

Is for the prince
His name, Sam Cooke
You know, when it comes to soul

Sam Cooke, why, Sam Cooke
Wrote the book

Three chairs made of pure gold
In a place set aside
For the royalty of soul

There they are, side by side
Together up there in
(Soul heaven) soul heaven

Yeah, in soul heaven

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