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THE DIVINOS lyrics : "The Divino Code"

we 're gonna make your an offer ,tien a ment
you can't refuse,you know what i mean
it would be a GRAVE mistake mamma mia

we're really cool

you have to learn to be a cool $$# mother $#&@er

like us

real plans for real cash
real plans for a big whack

for the future
yes we can

this is divino code


Whos that laying on their back 
All he needs is to attack
False or real its not the deal
With these thoughts I can appeal
From devineI hope to find
What its crossing through my mind
I may trip and I may fall
Better come when I do call

$#&@ the rest I be the best
Kick down doors hairs off chest
Royal just like Will and Kate
Eat the beast thats on my plate
Feel it find it run rewind it its no fun as long as mine hits
What I got I left to find
follow it cuz its divine

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