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THE DIVINOS : It's Wonderful(vieni via con me) lyrics

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THE DIVINOS lyrics : "It's Wonderful(vieni via con me)"

via via ,walk away from here
nothing more reminds you of these places
not even these blue flowers

via ,away..not even this gray day
full of music and men you liked
It's wonderful, it's wonderful, it's wonderful

good luck my babe, it's wonderful,
it's wonderful, it's wonderful, I dream of you...
chips, chips, du-du-du-du-du

via via ,come away with me
enter this dark love , don't get lost to the world
via ,away, don't get lost to the world

only the drama changes for the one in love with you
it' s wonderful..
via via vieni via con me

(entra in questo amore buio,pieno di uomini)
enter this dark love(darkness of love) filled with men
via away , enter and take a hot bath

there is a blue bathrobe, outside it rains cold world
it' s wonderful..

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