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THE DEATH IN ME lyrics : "The Lion And The Lamb"

Consume me with fire
I exalt this plea
To you Father

Let your ashes fall
Let me be consumed
By your love and glory

And let the flesh be burned to nothing

Take all I am and leave only you

I live to be made of your will to serve only you

Build me upon the rock of you word

Construct me of the nature of heaven
For I am filth therefore cleanse me and make me fit for you my king

I give you my life
I give you my soul
Take all that I am and make it all for you

You are creator you are my king
Command my path and so it shall be

I am at your beckon call
I am your humble servant
All that I am and all that I may is all for you my king

Salvation incarnate
The Lion and the Lamb

I stand in awe as you part the waters
I feel the weight of the mountains breathe

So now I scream with heart in your hands
I am finally free
I hear the father calling his son

To finally know
What it means to live. A life. Of. Love.

The way
The truth
The light

The Lion
The Lamb

The way
The truth

The light
The Messiah

Running fast and faster to you my king
To fulfill the prophecy set forth for me
I am your tool to use

Mold me to be your messenger
Use me to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth

All that I am ever was and ever will be is yours

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