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The Color Morale : Saviorself lyrics

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The Color Morale lyrics : "Saviorself"

I wish I had more time to sort out all of this inside my mind
I only have one day
it's given at dawn and at dusk it gets taken away

I can't control what I think
so how can I control what I say
I don't know who I am at the moment and I can't pray

I can't pray for the answers anymore
I only have myself to blame for losing control
I've always needed something maybe I needed to be alone

and I don't need to be saved
I'm not saying that it's too late
but way too much has changed

you call it savior
and I call it a learned behavior
you call it the light I refuse to see

and I call it the mask I've seen underneath
just do and say the same thing
no opinion preserved in stained glass holds more moral truth to me

I only have myself to blame for losing control
I still need to be saved just not by you
I just need to be safe

but not by you

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