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The Color Morale lyrics : "Living Breathing Something"

question everything
have I already been buried
I can see no light but I am still stuck here breathing

maybe a wretch like me is supped to stay forever buried
so you can see the !@#^ogy of what happens to you when you keep things buried beneath
I have been buried for years but why am I still breathing

I don't make mistakes
I bury them
suffocating soul that the devil just won't claim

I dug this grave now it's time to tell the truth from it
you put one foot on the lid when did I let it close
one foot on the lid 5 feet left to go

forgive you enemies but never forget their names
I am my own worst enemy
suffocating soul that the devil won't claim

I don't if I believe in you anymore but everything needs an !@#^ogy

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