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The Color Morale lyrics : "Hole Hearted"

am I stuck in my own mind or am I just an insect in amber frozen in a moment and forgotten in time
where is my mind
i don't want the world to see me I want the world to see where it is I've been

I just want someone to feel like they can be something
there's got to be more than feeling this alone
I've been through enough to leave me alone

now I feel so confused
maybe I was made to learn on my own
I don't want to go to the grave wondering what I could have made

will I ever change
I don't want to live day by day wondering if I'll ever change
get back

I don't want to live day by day
it's never too late to make the change
everyone you've known

these moments you're lost and alone
you've pused everyone away even when they tried to stay
where did this come from

enough is enough
I can't do this on my own

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