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The Color Morale : Demon Teeth lyrics

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The Color Morale lyrics : "Demon Teeth"

Twenty something
Years of seclusion
Seems to be quite enough

Just get me out of this town
It's like a dried up,

Lake full of debris and I am starting to drown
Sometimes I can see clearer
Through rear view mirrors

Then windshields with
All the places I've been

How do I find my destination?
Neither one of us is getting out
Of the situation alive

Until the other one dies

And it wont be me

You clench your hold like you clench your teeth
And I will send you back to hell
Holding your jaw,

Like your demon teeth

Your demon teeth

Put your ghosts in the past
Don't put your torment back

Beneath it's reoccurring
Pull apart it's jaw
And smash out it's teeth

Who do I believe?
When everyone sees and speaks

Based in part by what they themselves believe
I'd Rather see a man of god
Than hear from one

Any day of the week
So take hold of these demons
Cast them into pigs

But don't let a single one of them leap
Take their filth
And let them learn

(No, no, no, no) Just let them teach


Instead of reading the book (I've read the book)
Try Meeting The Author (I've met the author)

That's my problem, I've had the devil on both sides
With god at the bottom (ughhhh)

Chin Up
Chin Up

He doesn't pick where he stands,
I pick where I place him.

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