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The Color Morale : Burn Victims lyrics

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The Color Morale lyrics : "Burn Victims"

they say the things that love you will never stay
is that really true?
I guess you made everyone leave before they could hurt you but who taught this to you?

hurting people will always be hurting people
it was you that made me me
every storm made me soak to find strong roots

I am reminded
all my roots are starting to show yet I'm still trying to grow
and I am reminded there is still hope

and I hope one day you will understand pain is just a brand
I've given my life to keep it away from your skin
and I hope one day you will understand pain is never planned

and the start of a cycle is always the end when we are the victims
and that's how I know I need to write about his for you
the youth that never got told the truth

that's my problem
I've got intentions on both sides stitched together with lies and more songs left to write.
do things. write this time about how to untangle all the knots that we keep tied.

my stomach is weak because you made me me and someone made you you
we are the victims and I am the hope
You you are the victim and I am still learning that I can be the hope

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