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The Color Morale : The man behind the hands lyrics

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The Color Morale lyrics : "The man behind the hands"

...and the sky awaits us all
now I know today will be the day
where my throat goes first

but tonight there will be no slowing of my heart
or calming my pulse
I want you feel

I want you to feel your pulse in my words
and make your actions speak louder
We're as children numbered in millions

Made for a kingdom
but all designed to fail
We were designed to fail

we were all designed to fail
This is the reason he created seasons
So we can all learn when our leaves fall

In June this is the reason he created seasons
So shoot the arrow but don't miss the apple
I need my eyes

I need my eyes as much as my throat
As much as my voice
God send us down and angel

So she can purge the church
Send her to the earth as living proof of worth worship
Not your priests

Nor your [email protected]^%s
not anything more than
More than what you leak out of all your pores

you have already been marked for death
You have already been marked for death
you made the mark yourself

So I ask you all if tomorrow never came
would you think or would you act the same
And I will ask you if tomorrow never came

Would you think or act the same
Please help the man
Please help the men behind their masks

Behind their hands

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