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THE BROTHAHOOD FEAT.YOUNG NOBLE lyrics : "Revolutionarily"

I spit it like you want to see
The whole and not the half of me

Like Mos Def and Talib Kweli
When you hear my words man that honour me

I follow thee but only if you venerate Him properly
Copy free -- no mother, father, son or a duplicate
Keep me on the straight path even when I'm losing it

Confusing or abusing it.

Allhuma amen
Flip the script for a bit take it to the next scene
Hundred dollar bills got me looking for the green

Cash Rules Everything Around Me - C.R.E.A.M
Zap me with a seven eighty six on the triple beam

Things have changed but you better believe we're the same old cats
Was gone for a while, no longer juvenile, wife kids house son job rocking it with style

And you know that we're loving it
Travelled distant lands in many different continents
Still rapping for the love of it, intentions right on top of it

Positive Hip Hop - pissing off the government

I challenge all those typical images in your head
Stereotypes got me living like I'm dead
Force fed, but now I eat what I choose

I choose what I eat because I'm fed up with the news

Conversating in prostration whispering for elevation
contemplating on my next choice implication

Rain, hail, - hail - hail - hail shine and snow ah
we need to let the people know

Revolutionarily you see it like you want to see

Stand for something don't fall for nothing
It's that Outlaw Brothahood all for One
We the hope for the hopeless

The voice of the voiceless
Ghetto gospel inspiration to get focussed
Yeah the struggle all sound familiar

From Compton California to Melbourne Australia
Little homies hungry
Listen when I tell ya

Plan plot strategise the opposite of failure
Snitches in an arms distance, I can smell ya
Yeah people got paper but ah they never bail ya

Bang on a system instead of each other
Got us killing over colours but yet we still brothers
Different religions only one god above us

And HE alone got the right to judge us
This is real rap all I spit is that substance
Get it right with God before that day of that judgement Yeah

Revolutionarily, see it like you wanna see

Every day, every night of my life I will strive
If I fall I will try one more time

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