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The Bratattack : Selling Revolution lyrics

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The Bratattack lyrics : "Selling Revolution"

You say everything has been said before
Change is not important to you anymore
Revolution can wait for another day

Strive for personal gain makes us feel betrayed!

These corporate imperialists who conquer and destroy

Our duty to fight these $#&@s, to raise our $#&@ing voice
We stand at the verge of an ecological collapse
While you search for sponsors to make your pockets fat

What about the suffering caused by mass consumption?
The slave labour abuses, environmental destruction

Animals who were murdered to make said product?
You justify their suffering as cause and effect.

The millions in the Third World without proper health care
No food or water, they turn to violence in despair
The legacy of your people's acts of genocide?

Years of continued silence, nothing has been rectified

There is a reason why we are so $#&@ing pissed

That we believed in you, to refuse and resist
Believed that you cared and were one of us
Never no more a rock star we can trust

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