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THE BOY WILL DROWN lyrics : "Suis La Luna"

Kingdoms hidden and lost by time itself
Relentlessly yawning to portray comfort
Endless harmony to which everything cascades

Now I see the horror
Now I see!

The stench they breathe
No longer the pure
Paralyzed to the suffering

The fear in your eyes as you succumb

Hoards engulfing, watch it burn

You deserve to...
Deserve to suffer

We stand so high, drowned in blood
The call for a new way of evolution
The features indifferent

Betrayer of our mankind, what else is there?
Imprisoned and you make us pay

For reasons unobtainable
Angels without wings destroy our homes
And take away what we had to begin

For reasons unobtainable

Who found the path?

Show me this unspoken way
We can't shout this out
Incinerate all known recollection

So far from hope
Lost in malignancy

You say repent
But repent from what?

You joke of a ritual
Existences slaughtered by the tumor that is mankind

Mother nature, the pig that it's become
Once fragile and beautiful like the autumn sun
We are a new version of light

Just something a little darker

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