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THE BOY WILL DROWN lyrics : "Irminsul"

Your $#&@ing face
Your $#&@ing face
Reminds me of the filth you still are

What's the point in life?
Raining bullets from the sky

Every word you say: a false excerpt
No point to your reason
No point to trust

No you won't find peace

I won't

I won't forget this
Because this is the end

This isn't the world we see
This isn't the world we see

Take out your life
Your shelter
Burn it like paper

Burn it so they don't see you
Burn it like paper

Burn it so they don't see

Cause it's been said

That there's no reasoning for this

Harvest their eyes this will be their

Sacrifice to those who are damned

I'll burn your face clean off

You're just a !@^% that's got no life
There's nothing there alive
A bitter memory of what I had with you

You're just a !@^%

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