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THE BOY WILL DROWN lyrics : "Deep Throat"

So much for welfare
A constant barrier
All plans have gone wrong

It's gone to %#@!
This is so unjust
A plethora of past mistakes

You raped us for nothing
Of what's to come

Now I have an obsession with you

My conscience lies

We're breathing
You made your choice
Dreaming we're alive

Lucidity prays
On the souls

Dreaming they're alive

This is royal blood

Spilled through the streets
A predetermined nightmare
Waiting for defeat

Bare this cross and learn
That time stands still for thieves

Reflected what I used to be

Don't pass the mirror

I won't look through
I'm hatred
The shadow, the shell I've become

Force-fed and left to gag
I must put on for God one hell of a show
Cause I prayed

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