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The Bones lyrics : "Monsters Prefer Blondes"

Well I picked my Baby up in my black, old Cadillac
I took her to the drive-in,
I knew that she liked that

A horrorflick with zombies,
nacked girls and bats
It could have been a great night but she ain't coming back

Monsters prefer blondes
Easy girls with tiny brains,

chewing bubblegum
Monsters prefer blondes
Bimbos with humungus tits,

chewing bubblegum

the monster in the movie,

the worst I've ever seen
Looked around and saw us
than it came outta the screen

Crawled up to my Cadillac,
howled and I was stunned
Grabbed my girl and flew away

than both of them were gone

I've seen it in the movies,

I've seen it on the screen
I've always thought
It's junst a story - a morbid fantasy

I've read it in the comics
and in the magazines
I've always thought,

It's just a story but know I know
that it's for real

Now there is no one, now there is no one
I'm all by myself
Now I'm lonely, now I'm lonely

I'm all by myself
And now I'm lonely
Why didn't you give me... last caress

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