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The Bones : Little Surfin' Demonbabe lyrics

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The Bones lyrics : "Little Surfin' Demonbabe"

My (*##$ has no brain
She`s got long,
blonde hair and a skinless face

Big tits on my babe
Surferhoneyriding all the waves
She`s dressed in chains,

Leatherpanties and a bra with nails
Schiz`and insane - thats my babe

Psycho(*##$ with burning hands
Smooth & Greedy on the radio
Greasy hooters in the sand

She`s my pretty baby and she`s from below

Demonbabe come take my hand

Come on yeah burn with me,
hey ho lets go
Dig that surfboard out of the sand

Surf into sunset
Let`s catch the last wave to hell

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