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THE BLUES MARY lyrics : "Elegantly Broken"

Silence is broken.
Empty words are licking,
The layers of sin,

From our skin.

We realise happy endings,

And not for everyone.
They're not for us.

Break of dawn,
Let us lay down our arms.
In the end of the day,

We can savour our loss.

But I never stopped trying.

And I never said,
I was not for...

A little bit of pain,
A little bit of longing,

A little bit of love,
To come our way.
A little bit of fear,

A little bit of hate,
Little hope,
For the hopeless.

A little bit of rain,
A little bit of thunder,
Little broken smile,

At the end of our day.
A little stormy cloud,
A little bit of winter,

Breath life,
Into lifeless.

You were always so much stronger than me.
Now our pain has made you beautiful.
But inside your armor, is your heart still open?

For here I stand, still trapped in my solitary shell.

Reaching out to you, with my aching thorns.

Hear me now, please don't tell me,
You are too proud for...


Just give yourself to me,

Together we can will be,
So elegantly broken.

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