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THE BLUE BOBO : Card Shopping lyrics

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THE BLUE BOBO lyrics : "Card Shopping"

We're gonna pop some tags

Only got 20 cents in our pocket
Uh-uh we're huntin', lookin' for your card,
because it's your birthday

[Verse 1]
Drivin to the store like "what up, have you seen this girl?"

She's so fly, she will preach the Word on the spot.
Disciplin' us, she got so much wisdom
not to mention WHOA, did you hear that bass line?!

Rollin' in, goin' deep, headin' to the Asia scene
Dressed in all jean, 'cept her gator shoes - those are green!
Gotta find a card that expresses what you mean to me

"Probably shoulda brought that!" (referring to money)
"It's okay, I'll go cheap!"

[Verse 2]
Coppin' it, diggin' it, 'bout to go and get some compliments

Not passin' up on this one though nobody else been wantin' it
"I like this one, it looks like her cruush!"
"Oh but this one, it kinda does too!"

Ima take your trendy style; ima take your trendy style
No for real, I'm askin' you - can I have your red capris?!
Flower earrings, and some yoga pants;

Everything you wearin' got me saying BOOM ROASTED
We be lookin' like freshies, feelin' like freshies,
bein' super lame, then we met our homie!

Ello, ello, my ace girl, my mello!
Beyoncé ain't got nothin' on her swagger - HECK NO
So on your favorite holiday we bought you some cards to show you how we love you!

Aw, she hit the 2-1 (appearance by Jonathan Ferguson)


We went and popped some tags,
Spent all the 20 cents in our pocket -
but but you're worth it!

Hotter than a stove top!

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